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Register for Spring Sports!

DESERT EDGE ATHLETICS HAS GONE DIGITAL! You are just one click away from registering your student athlete into the our amazing athletic programs. Here at Desert Edge we encourage our students to participate in as many as three sports per school year. We believe that students involved in after school activities, such as sports, develops

Men’s Volleyball Wins Again

Men’s Volleyball played a very athletic NFL YET Charter tonight.  They proved that you can be athletically superior but you still need fundamentals.  Our boys won in big fashion 3-0.   Moving their record to 2-1. They will play again at home Monday when we return from spring break against the Maryvale Tigers. That game begins

Calendar for Grade Checks

Eligibility Reporting 2017-2018   Please click link above to learn when grade checks will take place.

Men’s Volleyball First Win of the Season!

Our men’s Volleyball Team earned their first win of the season tonight against Gilbert Christian Academy 3 games to 1.   Overall a very solid performance.   Please congratulate the boys.  This win brings our season record to 1-1. We play tonight in our home opener against NFL YET Charter.  Game time is 5:30.  We would love to have as

Lady Scorpion Tennis Update

Desert Edge (1-3) brutal non-conference schedule continued with a 7-2 defeat to West Valley power Estrella Foothills on Tuesday. The Lady Scorpions, led by senior Brionnah Henry, is comprised of a nearly new team of beginners who continues to fight hard and improve, pushed the Wolves to several close matches and tie-breakers. Desert Edge host

Lady Scorpions Tennis!

With match time temperatures at freezing level, snow on the ground and an Arctic breeze; the Lady Scorpions fell to Coconino 9-0 at Flagstaff. Desert Edge (1-2) was led by strong outings from Philana Nguyen, along with newcomers Lucie Provost and Rachel Burnett. No.1 player Brionnah Henry lost for only the third time in two years to

Lady Scorpions Playoff Results In Tough Loss

The ladies had a rough evening last night in the first round of the state playoffs, dropping the game 26-27 against Agua Fria. As the score indicates, it was a long night offensively as we never got into a rhythm and made numerous mental mistakes. The team ended up with a 21-7 overall record and

Pom & Cheer Tryouts!!!

Pom and Cheer Tryout Flyer (Spring 2018) Click the link above for more details!

Pommies Going to Nationals!

NATIONALS ANNOUNCEMENT   Click the Above Link for details!

Wrestling Link: Come See!

Watch the AIA Wrestling Championships! THURSDAY through SATURDAY LIVE on the NFHS Network*W36MSbh6WBGM9W10WNSF1Qpcf80/*N84tz1s66dNVW5J5h6K2s5qYx0/5/f18dQhb0S1bg2kmmR4V1xylH8brnGWN53Hq0Cf_0xGW1lnDG82fq4zPW2SWlFL8JwCy4W2MX6np2S88R7W8rgK_n8GsJ1LW2YM0Nk2pNpNGW455W1N7FVqYJW4gkNPV6z7R62W2jfpHQ8mJ72xW7sr3Vj6-lMdYW53yGn94b07JpW7xW4DB4fyD5qW4PYYFx597NsJW2YM7_14WpJNjW72py5G4Bdz8fMD3S7dkWrvfVBKc3s6GNd_FV2D6tv31Sf1bW2cw8z32nS5w7W30B0hC2nBhv0W6N7-C163SnsDW1kbWQs3gZQk6W3k56jK1vtF0QW90kYg658sfP_V3hlB16FV0TYW4hfK9X2w7LRQW3cVgy72nscXwW1685-T2j9l93N8G1b6C1FljSW77MMPJ3jVLKBW6-cZ3j2GfZGDW8grh1F1W6YdkW3z40dZ5-BHhzW5BSKrJ1tJTWBVGqZb03ZRRx6W412dy12FcdBgW62V7GC1lVRWcW2rqm282Ktb8vN8nXQTf-QQHqW5Fn8962p_MHxW7pvXHK3B-MJ1W7kTB_y7W_hxcW66DSpH8RF34gW6Xm_bD7z_1tPW2LJmsG487XJkW8rGtv13zSbHvW1mqnY74CqXj9W5ZY-HZ79hhWvW3CYZS76F17MRW10-gnf50JfmZW41fG5d7tCG3lVKnx3H5b-RYTMQDw73rSb00W41-zQt9716XrW3qlRDp4bplsrN4nbSlFfPDn1N4QnK3yFyj4WW6xC5Yp3XRBk_W2kgSWy9j_RnNW5QWJtF7W5N0wW3wpVfv9gqk3LW4vDTvy8X8gcBW5H19c54bWqBFcyhvp21