Multiple Teams · The Wrestling Team Needs YOUR Help to Raise $2500!

Boys-Wrestling.jpgIf you have not already done so please go help us earn $2500 Liberty Mutual Play Positive Pledge for our boys.  This is completely FREE and very easy to do.  We only have 31 days left to rack up our points to win.  This is how it works:  anyone over 18 can take the pledge to promote positive sportsmanship.  The top 5 teams with the most pledges gets $2500.  It’s that simple!!
2.  Fill out your info to take the pledge
3.  Confirm your vote on your email.
Please share to have all parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, co-workers, etc pledge for the team.  We could really use the $2500 to make this season exceptional for our Scorpion Wrestlers!!