Boys Varsity Golf, Girls Varsity Golf · Battle of the Lobos, Wolves, & Scorps!

In a three way match, we played Lobos and Wolvesl

what’s a Scorpie to do?
we tried to look big, we poked out our pincers
but we still as small as a shrew!
They hit us with their big white fangs
they were killers out for our meat
we were lucky to hide under rocks,
still, two girls nearly lost their feet!
So what to do, what”s our plan
to nullify these snarling brothers?
Well, how about Scorpie trick #1
get them to destroy each other.
So in this David and Goliath battle,
where we’re as big as David’s toe
we made our slingshots ready
and launched golf balls like a pro
So while they were roaring, snarling
and showing blood stained teeth
we set the table for dining
and made our selves ready to eat.
The wolves were tough on us
and gave us a defeat,
but we Feasted on LaJoy Lobo
and they were a tasty treat.
The lesson from this saga
that deserves to be in books
is that DE SCORPIONS are winners
despite our meager size and looks!!
Coach Robb
Golf O Saurous and
Poeticus Minimus