Girls Junior Varsity Badminton, Girls Varsity Badminton · Desert Edge vs #1 Prescott

On paper, the Lady Scorpions were horribly mismatched taking on the #1 ranked Prescott Badgers who came in with an overall individual record of 81-8, compared to Desert Edge’s 30-83 on the 2020 season, but with nothing to lose and everything to gain, the Lady Scorpions came out firing on all cylinders. The goal was to push the scores into double digits against the Division II state favorites and the Lady Scorpions responded fighting for every point and not going gently into that goodnight. Special accolades to #1 Yanet Diaz, #2 Melissa Leor, #4 Veronica Nguyen and #3 doubles team of Sophia Walton/Nerida Swanson all pushed their respective opponents into double digits. The Lady Scorpions are on the road tomorrow to Peoria HS, and against #2 powerhouse Ironwood of Thursday.