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Lady Scorpions Tennis!

With match time temperatures at freezing level, snow on the ground and an Arctic breeze; the Lady Scorpions fell to Coconino 9-0 at Flagstaff. Desert Edge (1-2) was led by strong outings from Philana Nguyen, along with newcomers Lucie Provost and Rachel Burnett. No.1 player Brionnah Henry lost for only the third time in two years to

Lady Scorpions Playoff Results In Tough Loss

The ladies had a rough evening last night in the first round of the state playoffs, dropping the game 26-27 against Agua Fria. As the score indicates, it was a long night offensively as we never got into a rhythm and made numerous mental mistakes. The team ended up with a 21-7 overall record and

Pom & Cheer Tryouts!!!

Pom and Cheer Tryout Flyer (Spring 2018) Click the link above for more details!

Pommies Going to Nationals!

NATIONALS ANNOUNCEMENT   Click the Above Link for details!

Wrestling Link: Come See!

Watch the AIA Wrestling Championships! THURSDAY through SATURDAY LIVE on the NFHS Network*W36MSbh6WBGM9W10WNSF1Qpcf80/*N84tz1s66dNVW5J5h6K2s5qYx0/5/f18dQhb0S1bg2kmmR4V1xylH8brnGWN53Hq0Cf_0xGW1lnDG82fq4zPW2SWlFL8JwCy4W2MX6np2S88R7W8rgK_n8GsJ1LW2YM0Nk2pNpNGW455W1N7FVqYJW4gkNPV6z7R62W2jfpHQ8mJ72xW7sr3Vj6-lMdYW53yGn94b07JpW7xW4DB4fyD5qW4PYYFx597NsJW2YM7_14WpJNjW72py5G4Bdz8fMD3S7dkWrvfVBKc3s6GNd_FV2D6tv31Sf1bW2cw8z32nS5w7W30B0hC2nBhv0W6N7-C163SnsDW1kbWQs3gZQk6W3k56jK1vtF0QW90kYg658sfP_V3hlB16FV0TYW4hfK9X2w7LRQW3cVgy72nscXwW1685-T2j9l93N8G1b6C1FljSW77MMPJ3jVLKBW6-cZ3j2GfZGDW8grh1F1W6YdkW3z40dZ5-BHhzW5BSKrJ1tJTWBVGqZb03ZRRx6W412dy12FcdBgW62V7GC1lVRWcW2rqm282Ktb8vN8nXQTf-QQHqW5Fn8962p_MHxW7pvXHK3B-MJ1W7kTB_y7W_hxcW66DSpH8RF34gW6Xm_bD7z_1tPW2LJmsG487XJkW8rGtv13zSbHvW1mqnY74CqXj9W5ZY-HZ79hhWvW3CYZS76F17MRW10-gnf50JfmZW41fG5d7tCG3lVKnx3H5b-RYTMQDw73rSb00W41-zQt9716XrW3qlRDp4bplsrN4nbSlFfPDn1N4QnK3yFyj4WW6xC5Yp3XRBk_W2kgSWy9j_RnNW5QWJtF7W5N0wW3wpVfv9gqk3LW4vDTvy8X8gcBW5H19c54bWqBFcyhvp21

Lady Scorpions Finish Strong

Here are summaries from the final two games of the regular season. This is a long email – my apologies. We hosted Lake Havasu last Friday. The freshman and varsity teams got wins. “The freshman girls played a well fought game on Friday against Lake Havasu. They were down 6 coming into the 3rd quarter when our defense

Boys Beat Verrado

Boys Basketball 1/30 Home Game vs Verrado (written by Delaney Auer, Basketball manager) Last night, January 30th, Desert Edge boys basketball went head to head with Verrado High School. It was an intense evening with a sizable audience, and all the hype was undeniably worth it. The Scorpions came out victorious in all three games!

Lady Scorpions vs Verrado

The Freshman team was defeated by Verrado last night. “Can’t say that it was never in doubt, but an early lead, a halftime edge, and an overpowering second half led Desert Edge JV Girl’s basketball team to a 53-40 5A Desert West Section victory Tuesday evening at the Verrado Vipers Athletic Center. The DE Scorpions never trailed