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Message from the Coach

Click the link below to see a calendar of upcoming events for our DE Football teams!   Desert Edge Football 2018 January-July Calendar

Boys’ Basketball News and Updates

Click the link for more information on Freshman Basketball for the 2018-2019 school year. Frosh Orientation 2018   Below is the summer basketball workout schedule.  We begin on Monday May 28th and continue through the last week in June.  Please note that we have 3 scheduled whole program scrimmages on Monday and Tuesday on the calendar, this will include

Shop the NEW shop page and raise money for our school!

Fans! Buying the things you need and supporting our school just got a lot easier. We’ve launched a brand-new shop-raising page that you can get to by clicking the SHOP link on our site navigation. Shop for the things you need by using the links on that page and we earn cash-back from your purchase! We’ll

Can’t Come to the Game…Watch it LIVE Electronically!

Click on the link below to watch games live from your device on the go!*VQn1zk2SJBpcW3Gjhv75mDVNj0/*W6kcL993JMLRfW9462Z63ycr-D0/5/f18dQhb0S1bg7wjzHDV1x4pP2qzQhQVNz-CD4N0pBwN4CW70yLFl9qW5Jm8c35nW4LQW7qX-qk85gp67W7Lx_9v5HQQrvW69wfSQ73R8PtMzSKmfbL7GXVnZlJb3qmw8cW89MD_t8NwmyfW9dGX0976k-SRW1fpWT635wxw2W8Zn1vQ7hPCJGW2csgD22hddwgW2htbCS3HVKjsW6qynkk85ft0nW9cMm0S1TyKKgVGhPTS5Rm6cXVP0-tH6G7BXXN52P7ZrjTZZnV8Hm5L1ZGj5YW1K10695vg5p3W6tBg007p_jyzW1XPRxc6k_qC1W3qrfq84g6ZSGW76YRKX7V1GX7W6v_x746l8pz1W1xCQW24LRC72W1_nS5R4bDpB0W2cMQBl7X4yXjW3W5g5d6N6dXVW53b4Rh4sgxg_W20r56g1nn3pRW4n-Dvs3Y8rzjW2bCpCl5-tcJmW3pnBmn2hmyyBW6CYnMm2JkXMMVQsCbr64LcBKVsSYPd7r_cF8W36RCdl6MjGFsW50rTnH3M0zBWW44V7Jh7gR044W6lgMQz751FfZW3ntZV17vkQCxW1WYdVf2XDgdsW4C6GKT5N-6mNVS6f-K6BtP-fW6QPrcD5dZZRlW42m58f81wLq_W5F9tpt5_fdJ7W2yjtgr2cB7w4W4WvV4v2fzltzW2pzPlb4ssKW2N5wl2RWJb65zW28ZBsz6HTP0pM28wSd-KK4_W6P_16k6H36jgW3Bf7vS2sw2CKW2wWyTC25pW5sW9gZFg73PpkLtW1J6nyX6YthL1W87v_1X8yv46QVqLzV570kSy8N8kVn_lKn3MBVB0vp25F76PH103

Baseball Scorpions Go to the Playoffs!

I am proud to say that our guys are in the playoffs. We play today on the road vs. Campo Verde HS. If we win today we will play again on Saturday. So proud of our guys. We have 5 seniors, one Junior and 7 sophomores. This team played great baseball all season, battled through adversity

Girls’ Tennis Finish

Desert Edge’s Kelly Busch represented the Lady Scorpions in the Division II State Singles Championship where she fell to #7 and nationally ranked Aari Sivakuma of Saguaro 6-1, 6-2 in the first round. Scorpions doubles team of Brionnah Henry/Philana Nguyen also fell in the first round to #8 and nationally ranked team of Natalie Valcke/Keeva

Boy’s Tennis Finish Strong

Both the singles and doubles team advanced to the second round of the Division II State Tournament on Friday. Rylan played Dysart and the team of James Douglas and Patrick Biegun played Coranodo. Rylan had played Dysart earlier in the year and won 6-4, 6-3. This time around Rylan made short work of his opponent winning 6-1,

Softball Updates!

Varsity beat Goldwater last night 13-3 to bring our record to 12-2 in the region, 6-1 in conference. Brandi Peterson went 4-4 and hit her 8th HR of the year. Natalie Marchese went 2-4 and hit 2 HR’s, #9 and #10 for the year. Zoe Zoellner pitched a 3 hit game to get the win

Last Home Game for Lady Scorpion Tennis Team

In a blustery, windy contest with gusts over 40mph, the Lady Scorpions fell 5-4 to visiting Agua Fria yesterday. Brionnah Henry and Philana Nguyen continued their undefeated sectional singles streak going with Henry winning 6-1, 6-0, and Nguyen winning 6-1, 6-3. Both teamed up for their respective double’s point. Kelly Busch also won for the